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Our Story

My name is Simon Cobb and I am the founder of PAPA (People Against Parental Alienation) and what brought me to begin this journey is probably a story very similar to your own or someone you know. 

I founded PAPA in 2016 as a way to raise awareness to what I was experiencing and to get much needed help and support.  In the years since, PAPA has evolved into one of the UK's largest support communities and the UK's second largest campaign group of its kind.

I'm happy to say that I now have an equal arrangement with my son and have for several years since I started PAPA.  I'm well aware I'm one of the "fortunate" ones, so with that in mind I've continued to fight for those of you not as "lucky" as me.

So instead of representing me, PAPA represents the thousands - millions of parents and children affected by Parental Alienation.

Over the years PAPA has been featured in numerous publications and I've appeared on numerous radio stations to talk about what so many of you are subjected to on a daily basis.

We have now grown to the point where we are able to offer a free forum and resource centre as well as our Facebook support group.  We do not believe that parents should have to pay to see their children so everything we offer is on a goodwill basis. You will never be charged for any advice/support from anyone associated with PAPA.

This is not possible without a strong team of volunteers who are available to give advice, offer support as well as help maintain our safe spaces.



"We do not believe that parents should have to pay to see their children so everything we offer is on a goodwill basis."

Our mission is...

To counter the family law industry by offering free support and resources.

To promote equal parenting, in the best interests of the child.

To create a presumption of equal parental rights and responsibility after separation.

To force legislative change that removes the barriers that aide Parental Alienation.

To create greater deterrents for false allegations and acts of abuse.

To have Parental Alienation be recognised as a criminal offence.

To raise awareness for Parental Alienation and minimise the negative affects of alienation.

To reduce the stigma around men's mental health issues and encourage men to get the help they need.

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