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On the road to stopping parental alienation.

The abuse of children and parents can no longer be ignored as we continue to do all we can to make sure victims are seen and heard.

PAPA - People Against Parental Alienation founder Simon Cobb with son Arlo

As PAPA continues to grow in members and parents we have helped beat parental alienation, we have decided to double our efforts with a second PAPA van to continue our awareness drive.

PAPA is now the largest parental alienation campaign and support organisation in the world, in terms of members and followers. We have members in 15+ countries.

Our campaigns and posts have reached millions over the years but this is not enough, we want to do more and to continue to grow.

The first PAPA van that we launched in December 2023 has been a huge success in helping us spread awareness and reaching new members who may not be aware of our social media campaigns.

Since we launched the PAPA van we have gained over 3,000 new followers on Instagram alone with growth also on our Facebook page, Facebook group and X (Twitter).

I have had many people approach me in the street to discuss the van and the services we offer at PAPA.

It's also always a great feeling to see people stop what they are doing to read the van signage.

It’s quite clear that not enough is done to address parental alienation as quite often I’m told they didn’t realise the support was out there.

PAPA is managing to reach people in need of help and support on both social media and now in public but I still hope the cause can gain more media attention.

I have had the media cover PAPA and our campaigns on occasion however considering how huge our following and membership is, I don’t believe we or our cause is reported on nearly enough.

Parents and children are being abused on a daily basis so it needs to be talked about and reported on all the time or as much as possible until the abuse stops.

Last year we were able to run our first Santa's Roadshow which helped us to let every alienated parent and child know that we were there for them at possibly the most difficult time of the year.

The original PAPA van is now sadly out of action temporarily until it finds it's next owner, which will be one of our amazing PAPA members.

We decided that the best thing to do would be to create a competition for the PAPA van within our community to ensure that the van continues to be operated and used as a tool to spread awareness for all who suffer parental alienation.

If you are interested in owning the PAPA van, you can enter our competition here.

If you haven't already entered then please do as you will be contributing to keeping the van going and continuing to spread awareness and of course one lucky member reading this will be driving it.

I've had a lot of people message to tell me where they plan to drive it if they win from across the country and Europe, to parked outside family courts and famous landmarks. I can't wait to see where it ends up.

The new PAPA van will be used for similar purposes and will be used mainly as a tool to spread awareness as well as reach new members in need. We will also be doing the Santa's Roadshow again later this year as well as looking at other community events we can be involved in.

The reason I decided to get a larger van was because I thought having additional seats would be very useful going forward for future campaigns.

The new PAPA van is much larger than the original van so it's essentially a bigger and better billboard for raising awareness.

I'm also looking for a large trailer I wish to use for future campaigns, so if anyone has any available please get in touch.

I have a couple of campaigns currently in the works, which I plan to launch this year.

You may also be aware that we are in the process of creating PAPA stickers.

After the success of the PAPA van, we have had hundreds of requests for us to make PAPA stickers so you can all put them on your vehicles or on telephone boxes and lampposts.

The stickers will be available from the PAPA shop within the next few days and I can’t wait to see where you all choose to put your stickers to help us spread awareness for parental alienation far and wide!

This year we have already been able to help several parents gain meaningful contact with their children and had many more success stories throughout the PAPA Facebook group and forum of parents who are beating parental alienation.

In addition to our existing services, we are soon to be adding a Resource Centre to this website, which will contain free downloadable guides and legal information to assist parents with their cases.

As always, everything offered within PAPA is completely free.

We will however be introducing a points system to our website as well as our upcoming app, which will be earned by our most active members.

PAPA members will earn points for simply engaging in the PAPA forum or on the PAPA blog, which includes posting and/or commenting on posts as well as liking posts etc. These points will be able to be redeemed to receive free legal help from our legal team who volunteer their time on a pro bono basis.

The main reason for this is because as it stands we only have one person in our legal team, with more planning to join but we have thousands of requests for help so it is impossible to be able to help everyone. It makes sense to reward our most active members with access to our free legal services.

Our new Resource Centre will be free to use for all PAPA members, with downloadable guides written by both myself and our legal volunteers.

Helpful articles will also continue to be published here on the PAPA blog.

The ambition is to equip all PAPA members with all the knowledge and resources they need to self represent themselves in family court proceedings and/or win their fight against parental alienation.

Thank you all reading this for being on this journey with me, to end parental alienation.

You guys are a big reason why PAPA has grown as much as it has and why it continues to grow and we continue to get more and more great results for families worldwide.

In need of help and support?

If you're reading this and are new to PAPA and in need of help and support then you are welcome to join for free here.

We have thousands of members worldwide so if you have a question then please check out our forum and our blog.

We also have a Facebook support group with over 22,000 members, which also has a number of different chat rooms for dads, mums, as well as chat rooms for different countries.

Whatever your situation is; you are not alone and PAPA is here to help.

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