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Win the original PAPA Van!!

Updated: Jun 3

Now is the opportunity for PAPA members to own the original PAPA van for as little as £10.

As a lot of you will already be aware, I decided I needed a larger van for future campaigns and uses for PAPA, so I have now bought a larger crew van that I hope will be helpful in allowing more PAPA members to travel with me in the future.

So as I only need one van, the original PAPA van is now surplus to my requirements but I would still love for it to continue to be driven around by one of our members, who can help in spreading awareness for the cause.

I did originally intend to sell the van to a PAPA member however after a recent poll on the PAPA Instagram page; I have decided it would be a better opportunity for members if I was to raffle the van.

This way all UK members will be given an opportunity to own this piece of history in the battle against parental alienation, for as little as £20.

It would be a great shame for me to sell the van to someone who's not connected with PAPA or our cause, so this way we can keep the van within the community and make our efforts stronger in the process; with now two PAPA vans to be in operation.

Even though I've only been using it for around 6 months, it has a lot of sentimental value to me as it represents us all in some way, it's been used for events such as the Santa's Roadshow we did in December so it's always going to be special to me as the first (of hopefully many) PAPA vans.

I want this van to go to someone who cares about the cause as much as I do.

Since having the van I've been spoken to by so many people who have been affected by parental alienation. This shows what a powerful tool this van is, in spreading awareness but also helping those in need to feel heard and represented.

There will be 100 entry places in total, so a minimum of a 1/100 chance of winning, with all entrants allowed a maximum of 5 entries each, in order to keep the competition as fair as possible.

Once all places have been purchased I will announce a draw date across all PAPA media channels, which will likely be in a few weeks unless tickets sell faster than expected.

The draw will then be done LIVE on the PAPA Instagram page after a date has been announced.

I had initially planned to assign numbers but it seems the best way will be to enter everyone by name, so if you've bought 3 tickets for example, your name will be entered 3 times into the draw.

To enter you must purchase your entry tickets here.

Terms of entry are as follows:

  • A maximum of 10 entries are allowed per person.

  • Raffle entries are non refundable.

  • Raffle will be made and announced across PAPA's social media channels.

  • Entrants who do not want the van but wish to enter as a donation to the cause can do so but must make this clear before the draw takes place.

  • The van will not be delivered and MUST be collected.

  • Entrants worldwide are welcome but will be considered as a donation to the cause unless they are able to arrange collection from the U.K. at their own cost.

  • The winner of the raffle must agree to keep and use the van for a minimum of 6 months (which includes signage).

  • The winner will be required to provide occasional photos of the van during this period for use on social media.

Thank you all for your continued support in PAPA and what we represent and good luck to all of you who choose to enter for a chance to win the PAPA van.

Edit (03/06/24):

The remaining raffle ticket prices have been halved to £10 each in order to fill the raffle quicker and get the van back on the road spreading awareness.

Those who already bought tickets will have their entries matched to how much they’ve paid so each £10 spent on raffle tickets will equal one entry. Eg. If you bought 1x £20 ticket, you now have 2 entries.

There will now be over 100 entries total as there was 55 entries taken before the price change so there will be 110 entries given there and the remaining 45 places means there will be 155 places in total.

This decision was made after feedback on the entry price so we hope this way more people can enter and have an opportunity to own the van and we can also get the van a new owner asap.

Thank you all for your support.

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